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Principal Investigator

Prof. Rob Paton
Postdoctoral Associate: UCLA with Prof. KN Houk
PhD: University of Cambridge with Prof. Jonathan Goodman
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Postdoctoral Associates

Nhu Nguyen Dr Nhu Nguyen
PhD: University of California, Davis with Prof. Dean Tantillo
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alt text Dr Juan V. Alegre Requena
PhD: CSIC-University of Zaragoza with Prof. Raquel P. Herrera
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alt text Dr Yanfei Guan
PhD: Texas A&M University with Prof. Steven Wheeler

PhD Students

Kiran Kumar Kiran Kumar
MRes: Kings College London with Prof. Carmen Domene
BA: Wake Forest with Prof. Jacqueline Fetrow
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Ruchuta Ardkhean Ruchuta Ardkhean
MChem: University of Oxford with Prof. Tim Donohoe
alt text David Ascough
MChem: University of Oxford with Prof. Veronique Gouverneur
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Alexandre Brethomé Alex Brethome
MChem: University of Pierre et Marie Curie with Prof. Janine Cossy
alt text Jacqueline Tan
MSc: Imperial College London with Prof. Patricia Hunt
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Xinglong Zhang Xinglong Zhang
MSc: Theoretical and Computational Chemistry, University of Oxford
Lucy van Dijk Lucy van Dijk
BSc: University College Dublin with Prof. Pat Guiry

Undergraduate Students

Wil Adams
Albright College